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I'm JM Catipay these are the collection pictures of what caught lately..
i love photography, and i have a stack of photos.
so i decided to create my photo-blog...
just sharing my passion...
hope you like it.. thx =)



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Planning so many changes for myself, to be more loving for my family and friends. Wishing more luck… :) (at western bicutan, taguig city)

Happy new year….


My Decision

In my whole life, I’ve never been face a biggest decision. Well I’m on the right age to decide. This dilemma came when the things around me doesn’t seem right.. First is about my studies, every time my dad ask me about my studies I’d always answer is “its ok’ and “fine”, even its a lie.. Actually I don’t have any plans about it until now. and it make me feel guilty. Second, My job. I’ve really like this job although it was a project based, the special thing is my reason on going to work everyday is my officemates. this is the coolest working environment ever. But this is the cache it was a minimum wage, and sometimes we’ve been force leave for a months. then my dad told me he’s not happy for it. Lastly, Love life (I hate it) I don’t want to tell about it.. :)

we’ll I’m all alone these for 4 days to decide everything. and I hope god will help me.

Film Review Link: The Hangover Part III


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 The Week’s Best Movie Virals, Memes & Gifs
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 First image from Captain America: Winter Soldier online now
The first image from Captain America: The Winter Soldier has landed online, and it’s a beauty…
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 Neill Blomkamp talks Halo movie / reveals Elysium poster
Neill Blomkamp is preparing to unveil his next sci-fi extravaganza in the form of the Matt Damon-starring Elysium, but has also taken the time to comment on the abortive Halo adaptation he had previously been attached to…
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We’ve seen the first nine minutes of Star Trek Into Darkness!
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